Things to Consider Before Choosing Ryuk Customized T-Shirt

by Edwin

The ryuk death note series protagonist is one of the most intriguing characters in the series. The audience always well received his antics, and he was a constant source of amusement. Despite his inability to move the story forward the same way as the other characters, he was highly significant. Nothing in the story would have happened if it weren’t for him, as he dropped the notepad that Light recovered. Due to his badass character in the show, the Ryuk Customized T-Shirt has received a lot of popularity in the markets.


Ryuk was difficult to draw when Takeshi Obata first came up with Ryuk death note 13: How to Read. Shinigami initially resembled attractive rock stars, with Ryuk looking a lot like Light. That plan, however, was rejected to avoid any doubt over who the protagonist was. A lengthy period passed before Obata was able to become acclimated to drawing Ryuk in the newer style.


Ryuk’s acts in Ryuk death note are motivated by his dissatisfaction with the Shinigami Realm. A deadly notebook was something he thought would be fun to play with, so he threw it away as soon as he got his hands on a second one.

Wrote the Rules

To catch the curiosity of potential buyers and ensure that they get the most out of their notebook purchase, Ryuk put out everything he could think of regarding the notebook. Most notebooks do not have this rule, nor do they have the words “Death Note” on the cover.

Fear of Light

Despite spending years with Light, Ryuk was still terrified by the human. When Ryuk did something that irritated Light, he would yell and become agitated. People’s initial reaction to learning about Shinigami would be similar to L’s, who was terrified of them.

He Cannot Die

Taking down a Shinigami can be accomplished only by one method. They must prevent the death of a human being they have fallen in love with. Most Shinigami have no idea that this is a possibility, owing to its rarity. He can’t die because Ryuk death note doesn’t have feelings for humans. The Shinigami have never been harmed by any of the weapons that have been utilized in the series.


Ryuk loves apples more than anything else in the world. He is dependent on the fruit, even though it is not necessary for his survival, as a way of saying thanks for the notepad. Light showers him with apples regularly. Since Shinigami apples taste like sand, Ryuk appreciates how luscious Earth apples are. Despite popular belief, the manga writer, Tsugumi Ohba, clarified that the fruit was not meant to be a religious symbol but rather a personal preference of Ryuk’s.

Nintendo Fan

Some Ryuk death note fans may be surprised to learn that he is an avid Nintendo lover. Mario Golf is one of Shinigami’s favorite games, and he is perhaps the second most avid gamer in the series behind Matt. With cameras installed in his room, he requested to play the game with him the following day. He asked for a Game Boy Advance SP for Christmas, even though he would be out of commission for some time.


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