What are TFT LCD Display Modules?

by Edwin
TFT LCD Display Modules

LCDs? LEDs? TFT LCD display modules?

What are they all about?

We can’t talk about TFT LCD display modules, or TFT LCD manufacturers without first knowing what LCDs are, and how they work.

What then are LCDs?

Liquid Crystal Display (LCDs)

LCD stands for Liquid crystal display. It is a flat panel or electronically manipulated device that combines polarizers with light-regulating properties of liquid crystals. Note that these crystals do not directly give out light. Rather, they use a reflector to emit images either in monochrome or color.

Wait, huh? What are you saying?

For a beginner, this might look very complicated. But it isn’t.

All you need to know is that an LCD is a flat or electronically manipulated panel that uses liquid crystals to emit light. Simple. They are often used in smartphones, computer monitors, laptops, televisions, instrument panels, etc.

LCDs stole the spotlight from older technologies like the Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs), and gas-plasma displays, because theirs were thinner and smoother. Furthermore, LCDs use less power than LEDs and gas plasma because they block light rather than trying to emit it. If an LED produces light, the liquid crystals in the LCD use a backlight to produce an image.

How do they work?

The number of pixels in a display determines the quality, and a display is made up of over a million pixels. Now, a pixel is made up of three subpixels which are red, green and blue (RGB). When these subpixels combine, a color is formed. When these subpixels combine with themselves several times rapidly, the display can make over a million different colors.

When they are turned on and off, a picture is formed.

In each kind of display, pixels are controlled differently. We have Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) displays, Light Emitting Diode (LED) displays, Liquid Crystal Displays (LCD), etc.

Backlights lit these LCDs, and different pixels are electronically turned on and off while polarized light is rotated by the liquid crystals.  There is a polarizing glass filter that is placed in front of the pixel at 90 degrees and behind the pixels. These filters now contain the liquid crystals in between, which can be turned on and off electronically.

Getting a good product would require finding a good TFT LCD manufacturer. The good news is that there are many good manufacturers out there. Getting a good LCD module has never been easier.

Having known what LCD modules are, TFT displays are simply liquid crystal display modules that make use of transistor film technology (TFT). This technology enables the red, blue and green pixels to emit their wide range of hues and colors. With a TFT screen, you are guaranteed to get brighter images and clearer graphics.

What are TFT LCD Display Modules?

However, it is not just by using the TFT LCD display module, it is by getting it from the right TFT LCD manufacturer. One of the leading manufacturers in the industry today is STONE Technologies. Over the years, they have improved their quality of products that have cut through various industries of the world, including Civionics, medicine and beauty, machinery, automation, precision equipment construction, etc.

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