Characteristics Of Brazilian Hair That Every Woman Should Know

by Edwin

Human hair wigs, extensions, bundles, or hairpieces are usually sourced from human donors. The market features various types of human hairs. The various types are usually named depending on their origin or the origin of the donors. Brazilian hair is one of the most popular forms of human hair on the market. As the name suggests, Brazilian hair is mostly sourced from Brazilian hair donors. This post covers Brazilian hair characteristics.

Characteristics of Brazilian hair

Below are the primary characteristics of this type of hair;

1. Texture

The term texture refers to the visual, surface, and appearance characteristics of hair. One of the primary characteristics of Brazilian hair is that it features a luxurious texture. This type of hair comes in a wide range of textures. These are wavy, straight, and curly patterns. Straight Brazilian hair textures are not normally bone straight. They usually have a slight wave to them. One of the best things about Brazilian hair texture is that it can last up to a year or more if properly cared for. It is worth mentioning that the soft and wavy texture of Brazilian hair results from the Spanis, Native Indian, and African heritage of the hair donors.

2. Volume

Another characteristic of Brazilian hair is that they usually feature incredible volume. This is because they have a lot of bodies and bounce. This characteristic can be attributed to the ancestry of Brazilian hair donors. However, it is also worth mentioning that the number of hair bundles used to make wigs usually determine their volume.

3. Durability

Brazilian hair also features better durability. This is because they react better to conditions like humidity. This means that it does not frizz under humid conditions. Also, the hair is not easily prone to breakage. This means that you do not have to worry about the hair breaking when combing it or styling it. Note that this does not mean that the hair does not break at all. It only means that it breaks less than other forms of human or synthetic hair.

4. Density

Brazilian hair also features a high density. This means that you will need fewer bundles of hair when creating a full look with Brazilian hair. More so, Brazilian hair wigs work better with fewer bundles. It is also worth mentioning that the hair’s density keeps it from frizzing when exposed to elements like humidity.

Other characteristics;

  • Brazilian hair is usually soft and silky
  • Brazilian hair tends to blend well with a wide range of hair textures, hence its popularity
  • This hair can hold curls much longer than other types of human hair, like Malaysian and Indian hair.
  • Brazilian hair is extremely versatile because of its light texture
  • It also features tighter curls than other types of human hairs like Indian hair
  • This type of human hair is also easy to maintain and can last for a long time

Final word

Note that authentic virgin Brazilian hair is usually quite rare. A lot of retailers and dealers usually label curly Indian hair that has been steamed as Brazilian hair. Some also use Remi hair and label it as Brazilian hair. However, this does not mean that finding authentic Brazilian hair is impossible. You can always find this type of hair from trusted hair brands.

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