MPO Connectors: Everything you need to know

by Edwin
MPO connectors

If you work in a telecom or data communication industry, an MPO connector is not new to you.

But if you haven’t, not to worry! Here is everything you need to know about MPO connectors

Multi-fiber Push-On connectors, otherwise known as MPO connectors, are kinds of optical connectors that are used as the primary multi-fiber connector for high-speed data communications and telecom networks. They were introduced a long time ago, and is widely used around the world.

The standard is between IEC61754-7 and TIA 604-5. An MPO connector aims to reduce the time spent on fusing sliced individual connectors. This cabling system was first used in the telecommunications industry and has been supported there ever since, even in their Central and Branch offices.

As time passed, it became the main connectivity system used in enterprise data centers and high-performance computing labs. It was also used in cloud computing data centers but is slowly being replaced by MXC optical connectors because it is affordable and thrives in controlled environments better.

MPO connectors do not seem to be fading out any time soon. As it grew in popularity and usage, all types of MPO connectors began to support other applications and system packaging needs. Research has found out that more suppliers are investing in these connectors and developing products with fiber counts and new features now more than ever.

It was originally a 12-fiber single row connector, but now there are 8 and 16 single row fiber connectors that can boast of as much as 24, 36, and 72 fiber connectors. They are stacked together via multiple precision ferrules.

However, stacked ferrules with wider rows often experience reflection issues and insertion loss because it’s quite difficult to hold alignment on the external fibers. This is why telecommunication and data network companies need to get quality products from an MPO connector supplier that offers high precision ferrule.

How do you choose a standard or premium MPO connector?

You can determine this by noting the number of connections between active equipment and the optical loss budget. This is because most telecom companies have infrastructure connectivity systems with more passive optical connections, unlike cloud datacenters. These datacenters racks (or rows of racks, thereof) use packaging systems of higher density to leave space for connector plugs.

The need to get quality MPO connectors for telecom and data network companies cannot be overemphasized. This is why FSG is highly recommended. They are one of the world’s leading experts in MPO and an MT ferrule supplier, and they strive to create value for their customers by delivering quality products and services.

Their products are affordable and environmental-friendly. Their products include MPO round connectors, MPO Ribbon Bare Boot, and MPO flat Boot. They are all manufactured to save space and for high-density transmissions.

Purchase an MPO connector from there today, and you’d be glad you did.

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