The Best Way to Choose an SMD Buzzer

by Edwin

Buzzers are very important features in electrical and electronic appliances.

If you want to design a product like a door-entry system, a peripheral, home appliance, or even a security panel, you can decide to install a buzzer to interact with users better, or just be there as a classy user interface.

The functions of a buzzer are numerous. They can be used to raise an alarm, observe and note the status of equipment, indicate commands, enhance user interactions, etc.

Several types of buzzer exist and they all have different functions. The two main types, however, are the magnetic buzzers and piezoelectric buzzers.

The buzzer that is highly recommended is the china SMD active buzzer 5V. It is efficient, durable, and cost-effective.

For you to know the best type of buzzer to choose from, there are some things you need to know- operating voltage, current consumption difference, size, connection mode, sound pressure, and drive mode.

Let’s look at each of these parameters now, shall we?

  • Operating voltage

For those of you that do not know what operating voltage is, it is simply the voltage level assigned to an electrical system that has certain operating features. It can also be described as the effective potential difference between the ground and a conductor, or between two conductors.

The real voltage is somewhere close to the value of the actual voltage.

Magnetic buzzers have an operating voltage between 1.5 to 24V. For piezoelectric buzzers, it’s between 3V to 220V. But generally, you’d often find them from 9V and above.

5V operating voltages are very ideal, depending on usage. This is why china SMD active buzzer 5V is highly recommended.

  • Drive mode

When buying a buzzer, you have to know the Sound Pressure Level (SPL). The value of the SPL is also called sensitivity. The sensitivity is the sound pressure level when the speaker is on an axis (this level comes in front of the speaker), and it must be at a particular distance and amount of power.

You also have to note the high and low frequency. The frequency response value, in Hertz, indicates the frequency range at which the system will be audible.

Piezo and magnetic buzzers have different self drive modes they use. Due to the internal set drive circuits, the buzzer can create sounds as long as it is interacting with the direct current.

Also, because of the different work principles they have, they run differently. So, the magnetic buzzer can be driven by ½ square waves, while the piezo buzzers may need full square waves for better results.

  • Sound pressure

The standard distance for sound pressure is 10cm. If the distance doubles, the SPL will decrease by about 6dB. Likewise, if the SPL decreases to half, the SPL will increase.

China SMD active buzzers 5V have the right sound pressure and distance, so they will serve you well.

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