Important accessories to have on your 3D printer

by Edwin

To ensure that your 3D printer is productive and reliable, you need to check the accessories required to fulfill specific requirements. Since 3D printing brings innovative capabilities in product development to a business, you will want to produce high quality3D printed parts. Read on to learn the necessary 3D printer accessories that you need.

Filament driers

3D printers usually burn filaments under temperatures above 200C or above. These filaments need to be dry before you begin the printing process. As such, you need to have a filament drier to ensure the moisture from the filaments does not affect the printing process. Beware that burning wet filament will bring high chances of producing a poor quality final product or cause printing failure. It is recommended that you be sure to dry the filaments before printing if they have been exposed to air. The filament driers provide a heated environment that bakes dry the filaments to allow moisture to escape.

Vacuum container

It would be best if you had a vacuum container to keep the filaments that can absorb moisture so that your 3D printing job can be smooth. A large number of vacuum containers exist in the market, but you need to opt for the one with a special vacuum valve and a pump to suck moisture from the container to create a vacuum seal that will prevent air from entering in. when you consider the vacuum containers, learn how it works to beware of significant indications especially when the seal has been created.

3D printing adhesive

When handling 3D printing, the printer must have the filaments stuck on its build plate when the parts of the object are building up. If your 3D printer comes with a plain glass plate, you are recommended to use an adhesive to ensure the filaments stick correctly to the glass plate. Ensure the glass plate does not break because it will pose a potential hazard. You can prevent this from happening by using extra adhesive on the surface.

3D printer carts

If you are performing professional 3D printing processes with large printers, you will obviously require extra space. However, you can use carts to provide more dedicated space to accommodate more objects. You can opt for carts with wheels to roll around while keeping a close eye on the work. You will eventually bring your printer into proper printing heights to make it easy to use without actually having to bend over. The carts will also help you to organize the tools and filaments required for the printing process.

Dry boxes

The filaments will absorb moisture if they are left in the air. Hydrophilic materials will always become wet again if they are not stored correctly, and this will result in printing failure. In such a case, you need a dry box to help keep the filaments in the proper dry condition when the printing process is going on. Ensure that the dry box brand that you opt for has a filament guide tube extending to the extruder on the printer to reduce the chances of absorbing moisture again during the printing process.

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