Difference Between Automatic and Manual Hose Reels

by Edwin

A garden hose reel is a wheel, usually made out of either metal or plastic and used to store a garden hose. It perfectly holds the hose in place until whenever it’s needed again. They can also be permanently fixed close to a building or aluminum frame wheels with a portable shape.

Made of a variety of materials, like steel-resistant plastic, a garden hose reel can be used to fulfill different purposes. If you run a garden in your home, you can opt for the garden hose reels, often green, and inexpensive. They come in two major types; Manual and Automatic hose reels.

In this guide, you will find out the respective pros and cons of using automatic and manual hose reels.

Garden Hose – Automatic Hose Reels

A garden hose comes in handy when you want to water your garden or just fill up your hot tub. That’s why it should be a must-have tool In your home.

However, rolling up your hose after every use can be a difficult task to put up with. This becomes more difficult if the hose is lengthy and can easily knot or tangle. That’s where an automatic garden hose reel comes in to solve a problem. A lot of people overlook the advantages of having an automatic garden hose reel until they experience it directly.


  • It rolls up the hose, without having you break a single sweat while at it.
  • It keeps the surroundings tidy and neat.
  • It safely stores and hides the hose from sight
  • It also makes pulling the hose out whenever it’s needed easy.
  • Durable
  • Flexible
  • Adjustable


  • Many people may not be able to afford it.

Garden Hose – Manual Hose Reels

The manual hose reel is the direct opposite of an automatic hose reel. Unlike the former, you will need to apply physical efforts and energy to pull out the hose and also fix it back after use.


  • It’s an affordable option
  • Ensures security. That’s because it brings about a reduction in accidents that are often caused by tripping.
  • Prevents damages and Leakages in the hose. It also reduces the loss that may be incurred due to oil, gas, and water leakage
  • Improves the quality of the environment. That’s because the cables and hoses are organized, so there are fewer knots and tangles.
  • Decreases the occurrence of wear and tear. This means that the life span of the hose will be increased up to 5 times.
  • Enhances efficiency. Because people can control the cable the way they like, the chances of higher productivity are increased.


  • Rolling up and pulling out the hose can be difficult and may cause pains in the arm.
  • It may not properly hide away the hose.


In the end, hose reels are needed to improve the efficiency when it comes to watering your garden. Both automatic and manual hose reels are options that anyone can choose to go for; it all depends on what you want.

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