Wearing Cleats on Artificial Grass – What You Need to Know

by Edwin

Artificial grass is increasingly being used for sports grounds, but can cleats be worn on it, or will they not provide the same level of traction?

Artificial grass is a popular option for large fields that experience a lot of wear and tear, including soccer fields, lacrosse fields, football fields, and other recreational fields where the usage of cleats is widespread since it is inexpensive to maintain and clean.

Artificial grass doesn’t perform exactly the same as real grass, despite the fact that it may seem like it. Minor adjustments are sometimes required to accommodate this.

So, is artificial turf suitable for cleat use? You should be aware of the following:

The Issue with Cleats on Synthetic Grass

The good news comes first. On many artificial turf fields, players wearing classic hard-surface cleats won’t damage the surface right away. These fields are perfect for their use. So, you won’t have to worry about the cleats causing issues that need to be fixed often and add to your overall costs.

Cleats can cause problems during actual gameplay, though. With natural dirt, cleats may work better than they could because they can’t dig into the surface and get a good grip.

So, the answer to the question “Can you wear cleats on artificial turf?” is “yes,” but with a provision. The benefits of a field with artificial turf will still apply, but the cleats will perform differently than they usually would.

What are the types of Cleats that Will Work Best on Synthetic Turf?

You need more options when it comes to footwear for artificial grass. By switching out standard cleats for an artificial surface cleat (sometimes called a turf shoe), which has small, round studs on the sole made explicitly for use on artificial grass, you can still have a fantastic grip.

Beyond aesthetics, turf shoes and cleats differ from each other. Artificial surface cleats are designed to grip the firm turf grass surface rather than dig into it. There will be fewer slides and better grip during practices and games since players will have the same level of traction as they would if they were playing on natural grass while wearing normal cleats.

Turf cleats provide the added benefit of keeping your fields in top shape for longer because, despite frequent use, they won’t degrade the surface as quickly as ordinary cleats would.

Anywhere that you purchase sporting goods, turf shoes are easy to locate. Men’s and women’s artificial-surface cleats are produced by prominent shoe companies like New Balance, Nike, Adidas, and Adidas, as well as turf cleats made explicitly for specific sports. Fit, quality, and cost of the cleat are a few things to consider before purchasing. These are all essential factors to consider when buying cleats of any kind.

Upgrade Your Field

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