What To Expect When Spending For A LED Video Wall?

by Edwin

Perhaps you’re considering installing an LED Video Wall to promote your business. You are taking the right step towards a modern and efficient marketing strategy that your business will surely benefit from. Most businesses nowadays are currently applying this trend to better maximize promotional strategies with their products and services.

If you’re curious about how much you can spend on installing one, whether it’s too expensive for your budget or not, it’s good to know that you can afford it. Take note that it’s not just a simple colored poster or tarpaulin that you can just easily avail from graphic agencies. LED screens are more designed with technological advancements and better features.

How much are we talking about?

Frankly, it all depends on the provider. Although all LED screens, whether it’s an indoor LED screen, an LED poster, or an outdoor LED display stage, might be the same in purpose, they’re all built and designed uniquely. It can vary per provider, but the gap or range shouldn’t be that far when you compare it from the market.

According to ascendstudios.com, a decent 2×2 video wall with at least a 46-inch screen display size will roughly cost you $18,000. It’s pricier because video walls have more cutting edge hardware and software design.

Another example we can look at is when installing a 5 square meter outdoor LED screen that can provide more than 1 million pixels will roughly cost about $15,000-20,000, depending on the provider. It will also vary if you request special customizations and other add-ons for your screen.

Purchasing your own LED screen display costs a fortune but will save you from spending with other marketing collaterals that are already out of the trend.

Key takeaway

The best thing you can do is to give your time to save enough for the cost of getting a high-quality LED screen display. Just in case you’re tight now and might not afford the overall cost that comes with it.

You can also do your research and look at LED screen providers online that don’t cost much and offers high-quality products and services. Consider how well these LED providers are doing in terms of positive reviews. Be careful with scammers that will provide trashy LED screens that will rip your money off. You can also reach out to business establishments nearby and don’t hesitate to inquire about where they get their LED screen provider.

We highly recommend Dreamway Tech for your LED display needs since they are a reliable LED screen provider for more than ten years. Rest assured, you will only get the best of their products and services without costing too much. They also offer free consultancy to provide an overview of what you can expect when installing your own LED screen display.

Marketing costs are nothing when you know that you will get the Return of your Investment (ROI). All it takes now is to take that leap and step-up your marketing strategy.

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