Three Strongest Samurai Sword Possessed By Real Samurais

by Edwin


The Japanese Samurai’s swords are well known for their strong but versatile blades with super-sharp edges. The Samurais of Medieval Japan was the honored men among the noble class. They formed the military ruling class and later rose to be Japan’s top hierarchy.

The Samurai were warriors equipped with various weapons, including arrows, bows, guns, and spears, but the sword was their primary weapon and emblem. The crafting of Samurai swords began around the 8th century CE.

At, we have analyzed the best Samurai swords. Below are 3 of the best Samurai swords:

The Katana Sword

  • Katana is a type of Japanese sword and is long linked to the Samurai class of feudal Japan.
  • It is the most famous of all the Samurai swords and is popularly called Samurai sword.
  • Its unique feature distinguishes the Katana sword: a moderately curved, slender, single-edged blade, circular or squared guard, and long grip enough for two hands.
  • Typically, the Katana has a minimum blade length of 2 Japanese Shaku (30 cm). Thus, a standard Katana is approximately 60 cm long.

History Of Katana Sword

  • The word ‘Katana’ was first used in the Kamakura era of 1185–1333 to mean a long sword.
  • The Katana sword was birthed in the Muromachi period, of 1392-1573.
  • The Katana swords are worn such that the edge faces upwards in the sash. 

The Wakizashi Sword

  • The Wakizashi sword resembles the Katana but has a shorter length.
  • Wakizashi is a simple term for a sword with its blade length more than one shaku but less than two shaku.
  • On average, a Wakizashi measures about 45cm. Like Katana, it is also worn with its edge up.
  • The sword was also being used on ritual suicide occasions, which led to its title ‘The Honor Blade.

 History Of Wakizashi

  • The Wakizashi has been in existence since around the 15th or 16th centuries.
  • The Wakizashi accompanies a Katana in feudal Japan’s Daisho coupling of swords but can be used as a single blade by people not among the samurai men.

Tanto Sword

  • Tantō, which means the short blade is a Japanese dagger and has all swords features.
  • Traditionally, the blade is single or double-edged, with a length ranging between 15 and 30 cm. Tanto typically goes with a Katana.
  • The Tantōis basically used for stabbing but can also be used to cut or slice because of its sharp edge.
  • Unlike other swords, the Japanese Tantōis regularly taken in and not placed at the door on visits.
  • The Tantōwas also used to accompany the Katana sword, like the Wakizashi, and is always worn every time.

History Of Tantō

  • The Tantōwas created during the Heian era in Japan round 794 to 1185.
  • It was created because the Samurai warriors realized that a smaller accomplice for the Katana sword was required.
  • By the end of the Samurai reigns and till now, the Tantōis being used for decoration.


Samurai commanded several types of swords, which had undergone several changes in their structure over the years. Japanese swords are still prevalent today. Check out the best Katana.

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