How to Implement YouTube SEO Strategy

by Edwin

In recent times, a lot of YouTube videos has been making a constant appearance on Google search. Google and YouTube dislikes most video content that does not meet the required expectations. If you have been making videos that are not in line with what Google wants, then it’s probably time to step up your game. This way, you can get your videos to rank higher on Google’s first page or appear more often on YouTube’s search results, let’s get to it!

How to use SEO strategy for your YouTube videos

If you have been wondering how to make your YouTube videos to appear often during the search, then follow these steps below

1. Be detailed with your descriptions

Every video on YouTube must have a description attached to it. This is part of the ways to get your videos to trend effortlessly on the platform. Ensure that they are longer because the longer the descriptions, the higher chances of it being more detailed. Google appreciates content and you have to give it content.

Ensure that you always research, put in only keywords that are relevant to your niche, and include social media hashtags.

2. Use the right keywords

While being detailed with your description, you should consider including the right keywords to it. Most search engines on the internet always generate results through the usage of keywords. This means that you have to ensure that you are not just using keywords, but you’re using the right ones.

For example, you may use a keyword that you’re so sure of but during google or YouTube search, you find your content lying at the bottom page. The reason for this is that there are keywords that are highly competitive than the others and those are the ones you need to find out and implement.

3. Embed your videos at every chance you get

Creating and uploading your videos doesn’t have to be the only routine that you’re used to. You can fish out popular platforms, get active on them, and share your links where needed. If you have a website or blog, you can share links. Having your content spread out in many places on the web gives it a higher chance of appearing on the search results.

YouTube already made it easier by including a “share” button. This way, you can also invite your friends and family to click on it and share it with their friends. Thus remains one of the most basic yet efficient SEO strategies for YouTube videos.

4. Categorized playlists

As a YouTuber, one thing that you must learn how to do is categorizing your YouTube videos. This is important as it allows tier subscribers to get quick access to your content. Sort your videos according to their names, or functions, or any other category you deem fit. All your viewers will need to do is scroll through and get to what they want in split seconds.

Having categorized or a themed playlist makes your channel look more organized, increases your engagement, and helps it meet other YouTube SEO criteria.


Overall, you must be intentional with your YouTube videos and make sure that every one of them goes through the required procedures.

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