Identifying Types of Dump Trucks with Just a Glance

by Edwin

Are you in the mood for a pretty interesting fact about dump trucks? Well, not a lot of people are aware of the fact that the dump trucks you see today have a history stretching far back into the early 19th century. Yes, the dump trucks have been making lives easier for just about a hundred years now, if not more. Granted, the earliest models were not as complex neither were they as durable, but at the time they were it.

They were initially of wooden design and used majorly in farms. Supposedly they made their debut in the farming scene of early Western Europe. While the history of dump trucks might be intriguing, we will be focusing on how one would be able to identify the various types of dump trucks. There are various types of dump trucks. However, this article will not be covering all of them will only consider a few of the dump trucks. We will be particularly focusing on China dump truck manufacturer products.

Top 5 Dump Trucks and Identifying Features

One, besides dump truck a side dump truck also known as SDT is made up of a three-axle tractor pulling a 2-axle semi-trailer. This large side dump truck is not is equipped with hydraulic rams which assist in tilting the body of the dump to its side.

This tilting motion leads to the offloading of the content in the bed. The load to be offloaded to order the right-hand side or the left-hand side of the side dump truck a major benefit of the side dump truck is that it is relatively immune to tipping over while dumping. This is one benefit the side dump truck has over the semi and dump truck.

Two, the semi-trailer end dump truck. This specific type of dump truck is a combination of a tractor and a trailer. Hear the trailer is equipped with a hydraulic oil depending on the location the semi end dump truck could either be a 3-axle truck pulling dual tires or a 3-axle pulling single tires.

The major advantage of the semi end dump truck is its extremely large payload capacity. However, its downside is that it tends to be unstable when in the dumping position. This means that they could be challenging to use in uneven terrain.

Three, semi-trailer bottom dump truck. Also known as a belly dump former his semi bottom dump who is typically a 3-axle tractor which pulls a 2-axle trailer equipped with a clamshell-type dump Gate located in the midsection of the trailer.

Its advantage lies in its ability 2 drop materials in a row of cuts or a windrow. Hence, it is perfect in the dumping of crops in large farm areas (especially grains).

Four, haul trucks. These have a very solid frame and I mainly used in mines and quarries.

Last but not least, the standard dump truck. This is your typical dump truck. Composed of a truck chassis with an open bed dump body mounted to the frame.


They have various kinds of dump trucks. We can’t possibly discuss all of them, but these are some of the most used types.

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