Gift Boxes Wholesale How to Make Them Stand From The Crowd

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Packaging goes beyond getting your product from one point to another. It is actually a critical part of the buying process. An attractive custom packaging box could be all you need to stand out at an event. You can take some cheap wholesale boxes and turn them into sleek wonders. Besides, these gift packaging boxes do not cost a ton. You can get gift boxes wholesale at a very affordable price from online stores.


Making Gift Packaging Boxes Stand From The Crowd

There are a lot of creative ways you can make your gift packaging boxes stand out in the crowd. Your brand will enjoy the boost that a creatively-designed packaging box can bring. Here are some suggestions from which you can also derive creative ideas.

  • Understand your brand

As the owner of the brand or business, this may sound funny. It may surprise you to know that many business owners do not understand what their brand is all about. They have not developed a brand identity that goes with a color and logo. 

Before investing in gift boxes wholesale, ensure the packaging aligns with your brand. 

  • Know your target market

You should also know the target market you want to reach by using these gift boxes. This is one of the foremost ways you can make your boxes stand out from the crowd. There is no point drawing the attention of the wrong crowd to your product.

For instance, if you package a product for children to look sleek and formal, it won’t attract them. Meanwhile these children are your target market. Take out time to know your target market, understand them, and design the boxes with them in mind.

  • Consider the shape and size of the box

The shape of your gift packaging box matters a lot if you are aiming to making your gift stand out. Packaging a big round gift in a rectangular box may not be the best idea.

Also, if your package is by far smaller than the gift box, it will have too much room to move around. This may cause damage, especially if the gift itself is fragile. Your packaging box should be a little bigger than the gift in it. You can make up for excess space in your gift box by adding paper to it.


  • Liven the boxes up with gift paper

Cheap wholesale boxes can look very boring if used to package gift. Such boxes will not gain a second look from any member of the target audience no matter the package inside. To liven your gift box up a little, consider using some colorful gift papers or colored tissue paper. 

You do not have to wrap the box itself in this gift paper. Rather, you can use it inside the box to stop the items from moving around and getting damaged. The gift paper will add some color and suspense to the package as there would be more layers to go through. By the time the recipient of the gift gets to the gift itself, there must have been an audience eager to see the gift.

  • Use ribbons or some form of decoration

You should make your custom packaging box look more attractive by adding some colorful ribbons. Since ribbons go very well with gift boxes, you can tie them neat and nice around the box. Use the ribbons to create something lovely on your gift box, but try not to go overboard.

  • Use a good material

You can make your gift packaging box out of environmentally friendly material. Such material includes like kraft and wood pulp. Many cheap wholesale boxes come in one of these materials. Their major advantage is that they are easier to customize into something awesome. It is easier to print on this kind of boxes than on boxes made out of steel. 

More so, there is a growing population of sustainable earth advocates all over the world. If you use sustainable packaging, they will be more likely to patronize you. By so doing, you will have more sales.

  • Preservation

This usually applies to food items that are vulnerable to either UV rays or water. Such items are most likely to decay within a very short time. If you are packaging food items as gifts, ensure that the food is waterproof, UV proof, and dehydrated. Then find a way to make your target audience aware of all the benefits of your packaging. You can have it printed on somewhere on the packaging to grab the attention of customers.

  • Use an eye-catching design

Your gift box should have an eye-catching design. People are not attracted to dull designs, hence, if you want to get people’s attention, use a unique design. You can use your logo to design the packaging box. 

The design you choose should have something to do with your product. Make your logo stunning and the brand name in beautiful font. This will make your packaging to be prominent.


  • Use perfume

People are also attracted to scent. Adding a spritz of perform to your gift packaging box will engage the senses of your audience. You do not have to spray perfume on the product itself. A light perfume on the ribbons or gift paper will go a long way in getting your audience interested in the gift.

  • Use your company’s insignia

Your custom packaging box has to come with your company name written prominently on it. You can also include the logo, name of the product, images, and tagline of your company on the gift box. This will increase the chances of your gift packaging boxes standing out from the crowd. It is easier to get a uniform design on many gift boxes by ordering for your custom gift boxes wholesale.

The Bottom Line

Gift packaging is one of the most underrated aspects of business. A lot of business owners are not aware of this and wonder why they fail miserably. They have no idea how much harm they are causing their brand by neglecting good packaging. With a couple of cheap wholesale boxes at your disposal, you can create your own custom packaging box. To cut down on cost, you can get your gift boxes wholesale and use them to make your gift prominent. If you have any demand for custom personalized embroidered clothing labels, welcome to inquire us at Zigpac.

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