Which is better between mobile apps and mobile websites?

by Edwin

Mobile users are the on the rise. They are greater in number than website users therefore it is wise that you develop a mobile app for your business or you will miss out on greater sales opportunisties. Businesses have realized the fact that they mobile apps will attract a great number of opportunities for their business. However, you will have to develop the app in a way that it caters to most of the needs of your customers. For example, you need to integrate in it Huawei’s site kit to make the app interactive. It will allow you to get access to geographic locations of your customers and you can customize your products, improve user’s search, and prepare and send custom sales offer letters.

Mobile app is economical

A website is costly and it suits only big businesses. Small businesses cannot afford a big IT team to look over the website and maintain it. Therefore, small businesses need to develop mobile apps that can help them amplify sales at a cheaper cost.

Mobile users are in excess

It doesn’t take rocket science to understand that mobile users are in excess. People prefer to view products on the mobile phone instead of approaching their computers because the latter is time consuming. In the world where time is money, businesses should take care that they are not wasting the time of their customers. This also is a powerful reason for businesses to adopt to changing times.


Experts believe that if you can tailor out your communication process, you will be able to convert more prospects into customers. The higher the rate of conversion is, the more sales you are going to get. You can set up preferences when you are about to launch a mobile app. You can target users with customized content according to their choices. You can track down how the user has been engaging with different types of content on the internet. Following their interests, you can present your products. With the Huawei’s kit you can get access to the geographical location of your prospects, which allows you to provide your customers with specialized content.

No more mails

Writing, enveloping and sending out direct mails to your prospects is a lengthy process. It is costly as well. Even direct mailing is something that can burn a hole into your pocket. It also distracts you from other aspects of your business like refilling the stock or managing the production line. Mobile phone apps have transformed the way businesses managed direct response marketing. They have introduced in-app notifications as well as push notifications which you can send off to all the users with a single click. That’s how businesses can now efficiently manage customer engagement.

Better communication

Mobile apps have made the process of communications better and fast. You can add a chatbot to the app and keep the transmission line open all day and night. This is how you can retain the trust of customers. When customers feel respected, valued and facilitated, you will have a higher chance of sales.

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