8 Main Features Of An Automatic Hydraulic Press Machine

by Edwin

An automatic hydraulic press machine is the latest innovation in the hydraulic press machine. The system allows for an automatic production process. Thus, the automated system allows for mass production of parts at the littlest time possible. It also allows for the processes involved in hydraulic press manufacturing to have little to no errors. Additionally, each component of the machine ensures quality and efficient parts. Hence, this article aims to inform you of the eight main features of an automatic hydraulic press machine.

8 main features of an automatic hydraulic press machine

1. Relief valve

The relief valve is one of the essential components of an automatic hydraulic press machine. If pressure is exceeded during the machine operations, the relief valve helps in releasing some of the excess pressure. Thus, allowing for the machine processes to go down as normal.

2. Hydraulic cylinder

The hydraulic cylinder is also known as a hydraulic actuator. Its main function in the hydraulic press machine is to supply a reversible force in one direction. The hydraulic cylinder is made of a cylinder barrel. The cylinder barrel contains a piston that is joined to a piston rod that uses pressure to shift back and forth. 

3. Hydraulic pumps

The automatic hydraulic press machine consists of three common kinds of pumps: displacement piston, vane, and gear. The purpose of the hydraulic pump in the machine is to deliver hydraulic fluid constantly in each pumping phase. The displacement pump can either be variable or fixed. The variable pump speed is not constant; it can be reversed and changed. Also, the fixed pump works at a fixed speed.

4. Power system

The hydraulic press machine can be powered by several power systems, such as electric, engine driven, manual, ran air turbine, pneumatic, and hydraulic. But mostly, the automatic hydraulic press machine uses electricity to power its processes.

5. Hydraulic accumulator 

The work of the hydraulic accumulator is to store hydraulic fluid. Furthermore, the accumulator releases the hydraulic fluid when needed. Additionally, it helps in maintaining constant pressure. The accumulator’s outlet is connected to the hydraulic press machine while its inlet is connected to the pump. 

6. Hydraulic fluid

The hydraulic fluid purpose in the machine is to ensure that energy is transmitted successfully throughout the hydraulic system. Thus, the hydraulic fluid plays a crucial role in the machine’s operations.

7. Ram

Different automatic hydraulic press machines use various numbers of rams. Furthermore, the number of rams you need for your machine depends on your workload. An essential point to note is that several small rams ensure better compressive force control over one large ram. Additionally, the hydraulic fluid gets to the ram via the hydraulic accumulator. 

8. Pressure gauge

The pressure gauge is an essential component in an automatic hydraulic press machine. It is used to measure the amount of pressure used by the device.


There are several components of an automatic hydraulic press machine. Each component assists the device in ensuring smooth processes are conducted successfully. Thus, if you wish to know more about the automatic hydraulic press machine, the above features will help guide you.

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