How can you make stadiums safe for all?

by Edwin

Sports complexes, arenas, and stadiums are always filled, depending on the size and carrying capacity of the place, and the type of sports being hosted there. Sport complexes range from 500 to 10,000. Arenas can range from 1000 to 50000 or more, while stadiums can be as large as 350,000.

When there are lots of people secluded in a place, violence tends to break out. There are so many techniques sports officials can use to curb violence and protect lives and property. The most underrated technique is having good spo rts lighting. It not only curbs violence but also positively affects the general outlook of the game.

Sports activities are ever-changing and continuous, so different methods have to be put in place to ensure that people watch their games in peace and security.

Without further ado, let’s look at how to ensure safety at stadiums and protect lives and properties. Shall we?

How to ensure safety at stadiums

1. Give special attention to sports lighting

This is very important. Everyone knows that evil and wrongdoings thrive in a dark place, so if you want the place to be rid of violence, you must pay attention to sports lighting. The kind of stadium lights used in a place depends on the kind of sports event held there and its seating capacity.

You can’t use stadium lights meant for 2000-capacity sports complexes for 200000-capacity international fully functional stadiums.

2. Take advantage of technologies

Sports officials should take advantage of public safety systems to advance more effective and safer sports communities. These safety systems or technologies may include gunshot detection, video management technologies, bullet-proof windows, etc.

When all these technologies are put in place, people will be more comfortable staying in such jampacked and crowded spaces.

3. Enhance safety measures

Well, it’s not just enough to set protection and security measures in place, but you also have to enhance physical safety measures as well. Certain times are critical in any sports event- the time leading up to the event, the periods when there is a score from either teams and both sides are in frenzy, and the time after the event closes.

Security officials should ensure that they place physical safety measures to curb violent acts and misbehavior. However, safety measures can’t be enhanced if security officials aren’t properly trained.

So, while you input the security technology system in place and enhance physical safety measures, inculcate security personnel training as part of the plan.

4. Spend resources on protection

Most times, security measures are not fully implemented as a result of lack of resources. Some sports organizations may be reluctant to spend lots of resources on protection measures because they feel that the extra money can be spent on another aspect.

But what is more important than the life and safety of people?

If you’re going for bullet-proof windows and doors, ensure you spend resources to purchase quality products that will stand the test of time. Different types of glasses suit different purposes, so go with a professional to help choose if you’re not sure.

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