The Buying Guide to Read Before Buying Trampoline

by Edwin

The process of getting the right trampoline pas cher may take your time and effort with the many sizes, shapes, and safety features available. From spring quality, mat, frame thickness, and other factors, including padding and enclosures, you have to solve the puzzle of selecting the right trampoline.

Types of Trampoline

We have numerous types of trampolines that you can use. The usage of a trampoline depends on what the owner wants to do with it and the location of the trampoline.

Before you use your trampoline inside your house or closed spaces, you have to think of the height of the trampoline and the floor height. That gives you an idea of the type of trampoline you should buy. However, when you want to use it outside your home, you may have to consider other factors. If you are wondering which trampoline to consider, here is a list of the trampoline you can buy:

  • Standard trampoline
  • Mini trampoline
  • Water trampoline
  • Bungee trampoline

Many people are not aware that we have trampolines that come with no springs. While springs cause the bouncing, the spring-less trampoline may sound like science fiction. However, the spring-less models are fewer in number and come with the best quality. You can decide to buy a spring-less or spring-based trampoline.

Spring-based Vs. Spring-less


  • Spring-based trampolines offer a layer of protection or padding that can cause threats when you use them for jumping. Spring-based trampolines are not very exciting to use for your jumping.
  • Spring-less trampolines are safe to use for jumping. This model combines new concepts and new technologies to ensure the safety of the jumper.

Types of springs on trampoline

  • Carbon fiber rods
  • Regular spring

The Different Types of Trampolines

The Shapes

The trampoline comes in square, rectangular, round, and oval shape. These shapes offer different functions when it comes to using them.

  • Round: We see more of the round trampolines for outdoor activities. This type of trampoline tends to lead users to the center of the mat. Beginners can comfortably jump on the round shape of this gadget.
  • Rectangular: The rectangular trampolines have become the favorite of sportsmen and women, especially gymnasts and those who want to experience powerful bouncing and safety, too. If you are looking for bouncing higher, you need this type of trampoline.
  • Square/Oval: The square trampoline offers safety with bounce quality to its users.

What size trampolines should you buy?

When it comes to the size of the trampoline to buy, you have to consider the following:

  • Age of user: The older the user, the more durable and bigger trampoline you need.
  • Weight: The trampoline should bear the weight of the user.

The overall usability and performance depend on these two factors. You buy a trampoline based on the age and weight of the user. For kids, they should not use adult models to avoid injury.

A trampoline-buying guide can help a user make the right choice. While reviews are important to read, you should know what people feel about the particular model you want to buy.

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