Buying a Garden Hose: Common Mistakes And Solutions

by Edwin

In our everyday experiences, mistakes are bound to happen. For instance, you might end up buying a 100ft garden hose instead of a 200ft garden hose that will serve you better.

No matter how you look at it, the importance of a garden hose in the home cannot be overemphasized. Therefore, it is one thing you shouldn’t be making mistakes with.

However, you can avoid mistakes only when you are aware of them. In this light, this article is prepared to point out the wrong choices people make as regards garden hoses and why they make them.

The Wrong Decision

The worst decision you will ever make while making purchases is to prioritize price over every other thing. While it is advisable to consider the cost of a product, it shouldn’t be the priority.

When you are concentrating on product price and how much you can afford, you begin to overlook the more important factors. You might even get more excited and distracted when you are offered outrageous discounts or freebies.

The result is that you end up buying very low quality at cheap prices. And as expected, those types of products are bound to spoil sooner or later thereby costing you more in the long run.

Solutions: Getting a Better Garden Hose

Wrong decisions are very costly and most times we are forced to live with the consequences. Instead of sourcing for the cheapest products in the market, you should do focus more on these

1. Weight of The Hose

The weight of a garden hose/hose should be just right. It shouldn’t be too heavy to allow for easy movement. It also shouldn’t be too light because most light-weighted hoses are made from inferior materials. When you make the mistake of buying a very light hose, the implication is that it will affect the hose’s kink resistance.

2. Material of the Garden Hose

This is one aspect where most people are likely to make mistakes. They fail to realize that durability should be prioritized over physical appearance.

Normally if you are not an expert, it will be nearly impossible for you to spot the difference between recycled plastic and virgin plastics. If this is the case, seek the services of a more knowledgeable person.

3. Adequate Diameter of The Hose

The diameter of a garden hose should be within the recommended standard. If the diameter is too small, it will reduce the supply of water. On the other hand, too big diameters lead to an excess supply of water in the garden which can in turn cause damage to the plants.

4. Opaque or Transparent

While some garden hoses are Opaque, others are transparent. According to researches carried out over the years, it has been observed that algae grow more in transparent hoses than it does in opaque hoses.

This is because the contents of the transparent tube are constantly exposed to sunlight which is essential for the growth of these organisms.


The ultimate goal should be getting full value for your investment and not just landing the cheapest product in the market. To do this, adequate knowledge of a garden hose and possible mistakes are required.

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