Four Characteristics of a Good Hose Reel

by Edwin

Picking out any hose reel like wall-mounted garden hose reels or retractable reels may seem like an easy task, but it isn’t. A good reel does not have to be expensive, and a cheap one in most cases isn’t bad. What sets them apart significantly is the quality of each product. High-quality equipment such as the garden hose reels at come at a higher price, but they are worth the money. In this extract, we talk about the qualities of a good hose reel.

Qualities of a Good Hose Reel

Whenever you visit a store intending to buy something, don’t always go for the cheapest items. You may be working on a budget, which is okay, but it is good to prioritize the quality. They will last you for a longer time, and you save a considerable amount of money instead of visiting the store all the time.

1. Portable

This is one of the main features of a hose reel. In a garden situation, carrying buckets of water to and fro is not pleasing at all. It is tiring and consumes so much time, reducing the level of productivity. A suitable hose has wheels, ideally rubber, for easy movement within the garden. If you own a big yard, you will benefit from its mobility.

2. Leak-Proof

Anyone purchasing equipment expects it to be in good shape. You don’t fix something you have just bought because you were not keen to check for mistakes. A leaking hose reel can be very messy. Look for one made of leak-proof material like metal. Metal hardly get any leaks, unlike plastic which has a high tendency of leaking.

3. Durability

Equipment that serves you for an extended period is worth spending your money on. Most durable hose reels are priced higher than others. Their material is excellent and doesn’t break easily. For use in the garden, go for aluminium and commercial use; stainless steel is the best. A suitable hose should last you 5 to 10 years. Many homeowners select low-quality hoses and end up replacing them every year.

4. Flexibility

There is a wide range of hose reels to choose from. If you settle for a wall mount reel, it has to be flexible. Be sure it can tilt to an angle of 180 degrees. This allows the horse to remain straight while watering, and enough room on the wall is left after it is folded. Without flexibility, the hose will kink and break or crack.

Bottom Line

Using a high-performance reel makes work easier and improves your productivity or that of workers if you run a farming business. For heavy-duty hose reels, go with metal such as stainless steel. Portable ones have to be light in weight; therefore, plastic and fibreglass are suitable. Resin is also a good material long-lasting material that you can consider. Few factors have been discussed above concerning the good qualities of a hose reel. Take note of all and get the best hose reel from your preferred store.

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