Ways to decide the most suitable shipping mode for your ordered goods

by Edwin

Long ago, it was difficult to buy goods if you weren’t physically present to acquire such goods. The advent of the internet has made it very easy to shop for goods and services online. You can purchase any item of your choice from any part of the world. E-commerce platforms allow you to order any variety of such items within minutes.

However, many e-commerce platforms also allow the option of picking the shipping option. You might find this option a bit perplexing if you don’t know the factors to consider. There are so many things to consider when choosing the most suitable shipping option for your goods. This article highlights some of the key factors to consider when selecting a shipping option for your order.


This factor should play a pivotal role in whichever choice you eventually make as it determines the shape your goods arrive in. The process of moving an item in transit is one that could get complicated along the way. There are four modes of shipping; air route, sea route, rail route, and via the road. You should consider each option as well as possible hiccups that are attached to each. Sea route is often considered the riskiest due to the number of turbulence ships often encounter. On the other hand, air transport is often regarded as the safest of the lot.


If you’re a seller who’s looking to sell your products as soon as possible, you should pay attention to this factor. The speed with which your goods arrive could have a direct impact on your volume of sales. Some shipping options require several months before the items get to you. The Air route is considered the fastest, while water transport takes the title of the slowest.

Type of item

You should also put the size of the items you’re shipping into consideration before arriving at a shipping option. Rail and Sea routes are particularly effective in moving bulky items seamlessly. Air and road transports are preferred when the items you’re shipping are less bulky. Another reason why you should consider this factor is the fragility of the goods. Fragile products do not fare well on sea routes as they could easily get damaged during turbulences.

Cost of shipment

While this particular factor isn’t prioritized, it’s of utmost importance. Your budget should be a determinant of the shipping method you choose for your goods. Shipping prices are usually dependent on many factors like; distance, type of goods, and size of goods. Some order fulfillment companies also factor the insurance of your goods into the shipping cost. Insurance is a way of protecting your investment in case an unforeseen circumstance happens during transit.

Final Thought

It’s no news that you can now order some of your cherished items from any part of the world. In getting the items to you from the seller, order fulfillment firms play a vital role. Some of these firms allow you to choose your most preferred shipping option. This article highlights those factors to put into consideration when picking an option.

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