7 Must-Have Bathroom Vanity Accessories

by Edwin

If you want to make bathroom re-models special? Purchase great bathroom vanity units. If you want to make bathroom re-models extra special? Purchase amazing bathroom vanity accessories.

There isn’t much flexibility and space for creativity when it comes to designing bathroom vanity spaces. This is why accessories are very important. They help to bring out the beauty in vanities, especially in small spaces. They describe the style, mood, and general look of your bathroom.

Bathrooms are quite difficult to design. This is because most houses have small bathroom spaces so it can be difficult to choose what goes in.

But all these can be solved if you can choose bathroom vanity accessories that are both functional, reliable, and beautiful. One key is to choose accessories in their order of importance.

Without further ado, let’s dive into the business of the day

What Bathroom Vanity Accessories Should You Have?
1. Shower
You need a shower. You just need a shower.

However, despite popular opinion, showers can actually transform your bathroom. You need to choose showers that match the general style and aesthetics of your vanity space. There are lots of showers that match modern and contemporary styles.

Choosing one can tremendously boost the appearance.

2. Faucets and sinks
Faucets and sinks are very important parts of any bathroom. They give this elegance and sophistication to your room.

Now, note that there are various types of faucets and they have different ways of installation. There are center set faucets, single hole faucets, vessel sink faucets, widespread faucets, mini-widespread faucets, and wall-mounted faucets.

Furthermore, select a faucet that emphasizes your sink’s beauty.

3. Bathroom rugs and mats
Mats and rugs are two of the most used accessories in the bathroom of most homes. You know it’s very easy for people to slide down the bathroom when it’s very wet. Mats and rugs prevent all that.

They can be made from either cotton or synthetic material. Depending on the size of your bathroom, you can choose a rug or mat that suits the personal style of your bathroom.

4. Mirrors
What’s a sleek bathroom without a mirror?  

Large wall mirrors are essential for everyday living- for mirror selfies, shaving, exfoliation, etc. Furthermore, mirrors serve as the focal point of the bathroom where every other accessory will fall in place.

When choosing mirrors, choose one depending on the size of your bathroom. An extremely large mirror will consume lots of space, while a small mirror will look very clumsy.

5. Air freshener dispenser
What is better than coming into a sweet-smelling bathroom space?

You need a nice air freshener dispenser hanging above your mirror stand. This will help to enhance its ambience. Do you want more? Add scented candles.

6. Tissue cover
Tissues often get damaged when water spills on them. You can prevent all of this by having a tissue cover. You can very affordable and durable products in the marketplace.

7. Robe hook/towel spreader
You don’t have to hang your towels and robe hooks on the door anymore. Get either a robe hook or towel spreader and hang them there.

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