Ways to evaluate led retrofit for parking lot fixtures

by Edwin
parking lot light

The world has moved on from fluorescent bulbs to the more sophisticated LED lighting bulbs. These LED bulbs are particularly suited for use in outdoor spaces like parks. The LED retrofit kits for parking lots fixtures are designed for optimal illumination in these parking lots.

It’s safe to say that your parking lot is where the bulk of activities often take place. It’s where the cars are parked in schools, hospitals, and large businesses. The fact that lots of cars are parked in these places means it is essential that you provide adequate illumination. As a business owner, people will tend to park their vehicles in your parking space; it is up to you to ensure optimal security. 

This article highlights some of the critical factors to look out for when buying these LED bulbs.


No one likes the prospect of replacing parking lot bulbs frequently, as it’s often tedious. It would be best if you went for LED fixtures as it’s not prone to get damaged periodically. The fact that these bulbs do not result in sudden outages could also prove advantageous for your business. With LED lighting fixtures, you get to schedule replacement of your parking lots of lights as you please.

Energy consumption

Traditional lighting bulbs are known to get heated during use, and this heat consumes energy. LED lighting bulbs are designed to consume minimal energy while giving out optimal output. The use of LED bulbs in your parking lot could result in massive savings, which is always good for business.

Automated lighting controls

One excellent feature of LED lights is the possibility of incorporating lighting controls into the lighting system. The bulbs are fitted with sensors that detect daytime and nighttime while automating lighting patterns accordingly. These lighting control sensors can also detect motion, and the sensitivity of the detector can be fine-tuned for effectiveness. This function helps improve aesthetics and security in so many ways.

External conditions

It’s no hidden truth that certain types of traditional bulbs are not suited for use in external conditions. These bulbs crack when the temperature of the surrounding drops below favorable conditions. LED lighting bulbs are designed to withstand such severe conditions.

LED lighting fixture type

The evolution of LED lighting bulbs has witnessed the design of various shapes and sizes of lamps. The fixtures on LED lightings are numerous, and each one is unique for use. In warehouse spaces, you might consider high bay lighting and wall mounts. Linear lighting can be particularly suited to use in parking lots and arenas. 

Mount type

While this factor is not particularly important, it’s also worthy of being prioritized. LED lighting fixtures have various mount design, and each design is suited to different settings. Consider the size and height of wherever you plan to install the fixtures before making your choice.

Final Thought

Your parking lots should be sufficiently illuminated to prevent scenarios that can be avoided. LED lighting bulbs are designed to illuminate such spaces. 

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