Here are some of the best alternative sources of Energy this 2020

by Edwin

It has become evident to everyone in the modern world that the effects of human industrialization have greatly impacted our environment. Ever since large and complex machines and the things they produce became part of our daily lives, the amount of energy that we humans consume has grown exponentially. This led to increased exploitation of the conventional sources of energy that had been commonplace. The issue with that is that most of these resources will get depleted over time. Also, the combustion required to release energy from these materials leads to a release of gases that can damage the atmosphere. These problems gave birth to the need for alternative sources of energy; ones that would cost less, be more efficient, and be more friendly to the environment. Let’s look at some of the more mainstream ones.

The 4 Best Alternative sources of Energy Right Now

1. Wind Energy

As the name suggests, this involves harnessing the mechanical energy from the wind and converting it to electricity. In the United States alone, wind energy powers about twenty million homes. This technology has continued to grow and use of it continues to spread to more regions. Some of the challenges associated with this technology are that it restricts views and could present a danger to some wildlife.

2. Nuclear Energy

This is one of the most abundant and productive alternative methods of generating electricity. The advantages are easily evident when you consider the levels of emissions and efficiency when compared to fossil fuels.

The amount of energy produced from a mass of nuclear material is multiple times more than that produced from an equal mass of typical fossil fuels. The major problem that is associated with the generation of usable power from Nuclear energy is that, if something goes wrong in a Nuclear power plant, the consequences are usually devastating. Chernobyl and Fukushima are evidence of just how destructive nuclear power can be.

3. Hydroelectric energy

This is one of the earliest and most widespread methods of generating electricity, even predating the use of fossil fuels. It converts the mechanical energy of moving water to electrical energy. The most sustainable and reliable method of doing this is by making use of a dam.

Despite the increasing popularity of fossil fuels as sources of energy, hydroelectric power plants still produce approximately 7 percent of the energy produced in the USA. It is a renewable source of energy, and if done properly, introduces no pollution into the environment, making it a clean source of energy.

4. Solar energy

This could easily be the most popular form of alternative energy. Ever since its introduction, this method of electricity generation has advanced greatly to become more efficient and more productive. Now, this form of energy is being used everywhere from personal homes to large scale power plants. This is the easiest and most cost-effective alternative energy source you can make use of in your personal home.

The major components you will need would be the solar panels, batteries, and the best mppt charge controller. The amount of money you will save over the long run will far outweigh the installation costs. So if you are looking to save the planet and save on your electric bill, solar energy is definitely your best bet.

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