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by Edwin

It’s not enough to have a PDF editor that doesn’t give you all the functionalities you need in one. The perfect PDF editor is one that allows you to take full control of all your PDF documents. Simple features like customization and editing shouldn’t be farfetched on such PDF editors. Adobe Acrobat is often seen as the hallmark for PDF editors in many spheres. However, you’d be marvelled at the functionalities offered by some of the Adobe acrobat alternatives 2020 has to offer.

It’s safe to say that you might find yourself in an unenjoyable situation where you have to choose amongst these alternatives. Although many options offer distinct appeal and capabilities, there are a few things to look out for. This article as compiled by TheSweetBits helps you through a list of useful qualities.

User Interface

As they say, first impressions matter a lot; it’s the same for documentation software. The software is bound to help you get tasks done faster if its interface is simple. In terms of simplicity, you should be able to locate features without having to browse through various windows. Also, the interface should be quite adaptive to a variety of work functions while maintaining its functionality. One of the most essential qualities of any user interface is the user’s ability not to get distracted while using it. You could always test the interface by adding multiple documents to the PDF editor to know how it handles such load.


A quality PDF editor should be feature-rich, amongst other things. There are many additional features incorporated into PDF editors, and you shouldn’t miss out on anyone. Features like digital signing and optical character recognition give you enhanced experience when editing your PDF. If you’re not a fan of multiple functions, you could go for a minimal PDF editor that gets the job done.

Advanced editing

The most effective PDF editors do not require you to spell out every correction you want to make. These editors have been designed to detect these errors beforehand, and this allows you to stay efficient. Some editors have such features encapsulated in a section called advanced PDF editing. You can make the most of this feature as it also allows you to edit shapes in addition to words.

Document security

In times like these, there’s a constant rise in cases of document forgery: you need to secure your documents. The ideal PDF editing software should give you premium capabilities such as locking of documents with passwords. With such a level of encryption, you can rest assured of being the only one who can access your PDF’s content.  Also, you could enable the read-only option on the document for partial security.

Final Thought

There are many criteria you should use when choosing the ideal PDF editor for you. This article pinpoints some of those crucial qualities that you might want to look out for in the editor. Other factors like pricing and installation mode should also play a pivotal role in your choice.

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