Understanding Ocean Freight Requirements

by Edwin

Also known as sea freight, ocean freight is one of the primary shipping methods not just for global export but import businesses too. Low prices and large volumes, these are just some of the pros that make delivery by ocean freight a first choice for international trade. When you want to ship from China to USA, consider using ocean freight as it has been a viable method for more than 30 years now. So what is the China to USA shipping time?

First Timers

China is quickly becoming the major production super power, geared towards manufacturing a large portion of the universe’s consumer goods. Therefore, importing from China is a successful tactic for the global sourcing of several businesses. This is a representation of a great opportunity for business professionals and consumers.  

Even so, it is not really an easy task for first-timers. The process of importing can be complex and costly.

Your Guide

Identify the Import Rights
When you purchase goods from different foreign sources, then you instantly become the importer. A courier like DHL can handle everything and end up delivering products to your door particularly if the package is portable and of value to you. This should save you time as well as money. But prior to buying commercial goods, you should identify if you have any import rights.

What Would You Like to Import?

Trade companies make money by indulging in product sales. Selecting the wrong products, therefore, implies you are losing money besides time. If you want to be a revered importer, then the initial thing you should do it choose the right products for resell.

Go for something that will stand up if your name is put right behind it because the products will define your business. They are actually your business!

These products will affect your profit margins coupled with the design used.

Since logistics play a major role in your success, ensure you have conducted extensive research and that you know the right market niche for your products.

Make Sure That Your Goods Are Permitted Into the Country
Some goods are not allowed into the country. Different countries have prohibited products.

Ensure that what you intend to import is subject to permits, restrictions, and regulations by the government. That said, it is your responsibility to make sure that the goods you are importing comply with certain rules.

Avoid the products listed below

· Vegetables

· Insects

· Plants

· Dairy products

Arrange the Cargo for Transportation  

There are several costs associated with the shipment of goods. They include container fees, terminal handling, as well as packaging fees. Thus, to get a detailed picture of the shipping costs, every factor herein needs to be considered.

Once pleased with the quote, you can send the supplier’s contact to the shipping department. The case will be taken from there.

How Long Will It Take?

So are you ready to ship products from China to the US? Do you need it by a certain date? The time taken to ship products from China to the US varies depending on the shipment method. Here is a guideline.

· Regular posts take 2 weeks

· Sea freight takes up to 30 days

Final Thoughts

Deciding whether or not to ship by sea can be a daunting task because your decision will make or break the business. It is a huge cost that goes straight to the heart of the international trade. One advantage you will enjoy if you decide to ship by water is the practicality.

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