Five Facts about FIFA 20 Coins Everyone Should Know

by Edwin

There you are, at the beginning of your FUT 20 career and you are wondering how to make a good start. You are wondering how to catch up with the top cats and compete at the highest possible level as soon as possible.

Well, one thing is for sure. You can’t do it just by blindly following EA’s rules and recommendations. That won’t get you anywhere, anytime soon even if you grind day in and day out, playing every minute you can spare.

Truth is there is a lot more than it meets the eye and every new player with the slightest ambition needs to be wary of that.

To help you transition from a beginner to a more experienced and knowledgeable player we’ve made a list of the most important things to know about this game. 

Here’s what we got!

Five things you need to know about FIFA coins

1. Coins matter way more than EA says they do

If you want to have great players on your team, you will need coins in bulks. You can earn a lot by playing, winning, and trading. But that takes a lot of time and energy. Whether you work hard for your much-needed coins or you take the shortcut and buy some, that’s a personal choice.  

2. Buying Coins is a thing

EA is strictly against buying coins from third parties and they would stop it altogether if they can. But they can’t and thousands of people are buying FIFA 20 coins PS4 daily without being detected by EA. 

As long as you are not reckless, the EA won’t touch your account. And by reckless we mean 

  • Adding a large number of coins before your first game
  • Someone logs on your account different than your location and adds coins on your account
  • Selling bronze players that are worth 10k or more
  • You make large purchases in succession

3. Free & unlimited coin generators are scam

So no, there is no such thing as a free and unlimited source of coins even though there are thousands of websites that claim they have cracked the code and have beaten the system. They haven’t and if you try to have a taste of their snake oil you can lose a lot. 

4. You can get free coins (limited amounts)

Some of the coin traders often post giveaways from where you can get some coins for free. In return, you will be asked to do some small task like retweeting them, follow them on Social Media, like some of their posts, post on a forum, or something else in line with that.

5. There are plenty of FUT 20 online communities 

FUT 20 players are like a small nation that has presence all over the internet. Whether it is on Reddit or some Facebook group, they are always open to new members and can be a very helpful source of information. 

It doesn’t matter whether you are beginner or a veteran. There is a lot to be learned from there.

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