How Safety masks and other protective gear are deployed

by Edwin
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There abounds a vast array of infectious diseases that are communicable, coronavirus inclusive. It’s left to the medical health workers to manage outbreaks such as corona safely, and they are often exposed in many ways. Health personnel are the first line of defence, and their proactiveness usually proves decisive in managing a pandemic of enormous magnitude.

You must have seen one or two health providers wearing an overall garment with KN95 masks and goggles. These wears are certainly not for fashion; they are protective wears that ensure the health workers do not contract these diseases. This article highlights some of the personal protective kits and their uses for safety.

Safety masks

The use of safety masks in the prevention of the spread of harmful diseases is quite useful. Medical masks protect health personnel from contracting contagious diseases on their patients. Furthermore, masks prevent the wearer from spreading harmful organisms to the nearby environment. The most commonly used types of masks include N95 respirators, surgical masks and cloth masks. N95 masks are proven to offer up to 95% efficiency in shutting out droplets of particles. The proper use of masks in covering the nose and the mouth helps during viral outbreaks like the current one.

Medical gloves

Medical personnel also wear safety gloves while carrying out medical procedures to ensure the patient doesn’t get infected via contamination. Also, the health personnel is protected from contracting infections via the body fluids of the patients. Latex gloves are the most commonly used type of gloves, and they are disposed of after use.


These protective wears are the most common, and they provide much-needed safety from clothing contamination. Scrubs are worn above personal wears in a bid to ensure the cloth doesn’t get contaminated. Scrubs are quite easy to replace, and they are made from fabrics that give the user optimal comfort while wearing them.


No amount of protection could be too much when it comes to infectious diseases, especially when you’re at the forefront. Medical jumpsuits are worn from head to toe by health personnel; usually made of lightweight and disposable materials,

Foot covers

Harmful organisms can also track via the floor when care isn’t taken. This is especially rampant in medical facilities where so many infectious patients walk on such floors, and it becomes necessary to guard against it’s spread. Foot covers, like every other protective wear, are made from lightweight fabric and can be worn over the normal wears.

Safety face shields

While medical masks cover the nose and the mouth from exposure efficiently, certain parts of the face are still left exposed. These exposed parts could end up harbouring harmful organisms, and it is for this compelling reason that the use of face shields become advantageous.

Final thoughts

The outbreak of the coronavirus infection has seen an increase in the call for the use of protective wears. These protective wears serve as a defense mechanism against the spread of these harmful organisms. This article highlights some of the protective wears like N95 masks and face shields.

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