Top Ways to Identify Legit Sites to Buy PS4 FUT Coins

by Edwin

FIFA 20 Ultimate Team on PS4 is entirely different from the previous versions because you need FUT coins to progress. While you can earn these coins in-game, it’s much easier to buy them instead. The great thing is that third party websites sell these coins much cheaper than EA sells. However, it’s still technically against the rules to buy FUT coins from third parties.

Like with all online transactions, scams and schemes are rampant in the FIFA FUT coins trade market. Even worse is that while you can get these coins from credible sellers, identifying them is not easy. Here are a couple of ways to know that your FIFA 20 FUT coins are from a reliable source.

Reviews and Ratings

The first thing you should check for in PS4 FUT coin trading sites is the review. Indeed, reviews don’t paint an accurate picture, but they give a view all the same. A higher review means either a credible trade website or a very sophisticated scam setup. Always try to avoid sites that have too many bad reviews and too many low ratings. You can use apps and other websites like Trustpilot to see the site’s average review and ratings.

Website Safety

Try accessing the website with an antivirus or while your browser’s internet protection is active. You can input the website on, say Norton, and let it tell you its relative safety. Another method is to google the site and to know what everyone has to say about it.

Verify the trader’s SSL certificate and even check the age of the website to protect yourself better. You can also see what people on Reddit and groups on Facebook have to say about the seller.

The Price

If it’s too good to be true, it’s a scam because third party coin sellers don’t grow it on trees. As with all such businesses, everybody at all transaction stages needs to make a profit. So, while it may be cheaper than EA’s official prices, third party sellers never sell FUT coins too cheaply. You are likely dealing with a scam if your FUT coin sellers offer you unbelievable prices.

Refund and Support

It’ll be a terrible story if you pay for your FUT coins only to lose the account to a crisis. Always ensure the trader you’re buying from has a refund policy that makes you comfortable. Other times, there may be issues with either your payment or your account.

Ensure your chosen site offers a responsive support system so you can make complaints in case of any eventuality. Some amazing sellers will even let you return part of the coins if you need your cash urgently. The secret here is that legal FIFA 20 FUT coin traders offer all these and more. So, another way to recognize a credible trader is to see if they provide all or some of these services.

Final Thought

While technically against the rules, buying FIFA 20 FUT coins won’t get you banned from the game. However, it would help if you used only go URL to avoid scammers and other sad tales.

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